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28 September 2016
All enemies have been completed. This finishes the main wiki as far as canon goes - non-canon entries are now open for submission.
23 September 2016
All locations, mechanics and items have been completed and fully integrated.
16 September 2016
Beginning of a massive overhaul of the Wiki to make it sound a lot more sophisticated, and to fill in entries for every aspect of the game including enemies, locations and mechanics.

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Library location

The Library is a Shrine-like structure that acts as a compendium of all the enemies the player has killed. It is located in Area 10, on a hill overlooking the continent's north coast.

There are five pages of thirty enemies each; because there are 131 enemies in the game, the fifth and final page has only 11 possible entries. Continue reading...

Featured media

Mabu The famed elder Goblin Mabu, in the thick of battle, avoids a Cross Napalm as his underlings counterattack. Reports say that the Goblins were forced to retreat by the end of the day, but they made a fearsome stand that resulted in over 200 casualties. Picture taken September 17, 2016.